Cinderella's Ball

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What really happened the night Cinderella met her prince?

Join us for the journey to midnight as Cinderella finds her way to the ball and wins the heart of the prince, but not without a few mishaps along the way!

You’ll meet....

The elegant Cinderella,

Those clumsy Stepsisters,

and a kindhearted Fairy Godmother for a comedic evening that will leave you dancing down the aisles.


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The show before the show! 

Get to the theatre early for Storytelling Through Movement, an interactive pre-performance reading of Cinderella's Ball! Free and open to the public!
  • 12:15 PM Saturday, Oct. 20
  • 1:15 PM Sunday, Oct. 21

We enter the story of Cinderella’s Ball with the beloved Fairy Godmother and her retinue of Sprites, showing Cinderella the grandiose palace where the handsome Prince will host the ball. Cinderella is overflowing with excitement and amazement at the lavishness of the palace. Amidst her excitement, the Fairy Godmother brings in the Hours to warn Cinderella that when the clock strikes midnight she must flee home. Cinderella accepts this warning as the Sprites present her with magical slippers to wear to the ball.

Cinderella delights in the slippers and turns away to return home. With slippers in hand, she frets over her lack of a beautiful gown to wear to the ball. She would never be given one from her stepfamily. In come the kind creatures of the palace – birds and mice – to help Cinderella create her dream ball gown.  Joyful, Cinderella feels ready for the ball.

As the ball begins, the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Palace Court celebrate in beautiful dance. The Courtiers, those chosen by the King as potential brides for the Prince, arrive in excitement to meet the Prince. Everything is going splendidly! Then, in walks Cinderella’s Stepmother and Stepsisters, Khudishka and Khubishka, fumbling their way through the Courtiers. Soon after the King arrives, the Stepmother and Stepsisters earnestly attempt to introduce themselves to him in hopes of getting in front of the Prince. The Stepfamily continue to run amuck while the Prince’s brothers do everything they can to keep the Stepfamily away from the King. It’s one mishap after another!

In the midst of chaos, the Courtiers begin to dance for the King. As the end of the dance nears, the Stepsisters run in to join. The brother’s try everything they can to hault the Stepsisters. But, alas, they completely ruin the end of the dance with their lack of grace and elegance. To get the ball back on track, the King calls in his Jester to enliven the festivities.

As the Jester bows in completion, the Prince enters in all his chivalrous glory! The entire ball is captivated by him, especially the clumsy Stepsisters who immediately start fighting for his attention. The Courtiers quickly begin to dance elegantly for the Prince with the Gentlemen of the Palace Court and the Prince’s brothers.

As the dancing concludes, the Sprites proclaim the entrance of Cinderella. She perfectly embodies beauty and elegance. In awe, everyone kindly welcomes her to the ball. Immediately, the Prince is smitten with Cinderella.

The two join together, shy and a little cautious, and begin to dance as if no one else exists. The King interrupts, shaking the Prince out of his love-stuck haze, and urges him that he must choose one of the Courtiers as his bride. The Prince quickly responds that his heart lies with Cinderella alone. The Stepsisters won’t have this! The try, yet again, to win an audience with the Prince. They are unsuccessful to capture his time or attention as Cinderella’s beauty far exceeds their clumsy nature.

All the while, the Jester tries to keep the guests entertained (and distracted) as to not pay attention to all the chaos surrounding the Prince. The Jester encourages them to join in dance.

Shortly after, the Prince follows Cinderella to the ballroom floor Cinderella and they enter once more into a pas de deux – one that is no longer shy but romantic and passionate. They separate and the Prince dances lovingly for Cinderella.

The Stepmother and Stepsisters suddenly notice something all too familiar about Cinderella. They go in for a closer look at her. Cinderella flees in a panic but the King follows her and brings her back to the ball.  As the King brings back Cinderella, the Stepsisters begin dancing for the Prince. He is utterly horrified at their display and the Jester swoops in to get rid of the Stepfamily from the ball.

The King escorts Cinderella to the ballroom where she and the Sprites dance together to convey Cinderella’s affections for the Prince. In celebration of the Prince’s new found love, the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Palace Court and the Courtiers break out in joyful dance!

Nevertheless, the celebration cannot last forever. The Fairy Godmother returns with the Hours to remind Cinderella of the pending stroke of midnight. In a tizzy, Cinderella dashes from the ball. Behind she leaves one lonely slipper and a broken-hearted Prince.

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