Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet believes every child can be inspired in a multitude of ways through the art of ballet. Founding Artistic Director Marcia Dale Weary says, “Ballet is just good for them.” And she should know. She has been training young dancers for more than 60 years.

Not every child will have the interest or ability to pursue the intense training required for a career in ballet, but every child deserves the opportunity to experience the beauty of ballet. CPYB offers several outreach programs designed to enrich children’s lives through a live introduction to dance, classical music and theatre. Hundreds of students participate in these programs each year.


DiscoverDance is a four-tiered program providing children of all socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to see a performance, take a class and have the opportunity to pursue formal training in CPYB’s academic ballet program.

School Day Performance Programs

CPYB invites teachers and their classes to specially priced matinee performances that will expand students’ cultural horizons through the art of classical ballet.

School Assemblies

CPYB welcomes the opportunity to come to a school assembly and demonstrate the beauty of ballet to young people through innovative educational programs.

For more information on CPYB’s outreach endeavors, please contact info@cpyb.org or 717.245.1190.